Outdoor Power Equipment Clothing Idea

For about a year, I've been wanting to start a business and track its success as an Internet marketing project. I lacked a suitable idea. I think I was trying too hard to come up with one. Sometimes it's best to just let it happen, I guess.

One of my main company's (YWPD) Web marketing clients is a leader in the Outdoor Power Equipment parts business. A lot of the things YWPD has been doing with HLSupply has made me keen on the people and products in that realm. It's a solid enough niche, and the customers are serious about the tools they use, and the life they live.

It hit me. My logical decision could be to branch off of HLSupply's success with a niche clothing store, catering explicitly to those who care about work outdoors, and the power tools they use. HLS is not in the clothing business in any way shape or form, so there is no conflict. Rather, I see it as a complementary business to theirs. In that niche there are some clothing competitors already, but I think I might get a leg up with my association to HLSupply.

What solidified the idea was my research for places to garner people's interest in HLSupply's parts. I had lurked in small engine related forums around the 'Net some. I'd seen, by and large, a great patronage. The awesome people involved in the use of outdoor power equipment form somewhat of a lifestyle. It's like the OPE lifestyle - a mixture of outdoor living, and outdoor work life.

Outdoor Power Equipment Clothing Store

At the beginning of December, at HLS we started a forum of our own in the outdoor power equipment niche and it was an instant hit. To achieve that success, we launched a contest from day one that would give, for each forum post, an entry ticket in a drawing for an expensive Husky pro chainsaw to be given free. That's a Web marketing success story for another day. Anyway, the success of the store, the seriousness of the patronage, and the success of the niche forum was sufficient proof for me. OPE people love their work and their tools. I am convinced that they would wear their pride. I've seen evidence of it already.

There it is. My online business on which to report and track, will be outdoor power equipment clothing. I am about to enter the clothier business with a haberdashery for the great folks who like or work with outdoor power equipment. I said to myself, "Self: I like it. Let's roll with it."

Alas, my idear comes to me too late for the most anticipated time of year — the Christmas rush. Oh well, there's always next year, and beside that fact, it would be unfair to kick off my OPE clothing store at the BEST time. It's more realistic to open at a regular time of year, and then blog about the trials and tribulations along the way to the next year's peak season. Yes, that's what I'll do.

Outdoor Power Equipment Clothing For Sale

My idea is to open an OPE clothes store in the new year. Bring on 2016 baby.

outdoor-power-equipment clothes store online

So here I am — Rolling with it. I hope you all love it as much as I do. IDEA BORN!

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