Backing a Great Cause

I was on OPEforum the other day and posted a question about their professional chainsaw giveaway. Out of curiosity, I wondered what the members of the Outdoor Power Equipment Forum would do with the Husqvarna 550 if they won it. Responses flooded in, both serious, wishful. What caught my eye was the 'generous' answers.

Chainsaw Enthusiast Cause

We have to get Hoskey back on his feet. So, OPEwear set him up with a GoFundMe campaign at and posted about it on and invited everyone to share the news around the 'Net. Let's get the word out for this great cause and help a fellow chainsaw enthusiast.

Furthermore, is donating $1 from every garment sold to the rebuilding of the chainsaw enthusiast's barn. Let's all pitch in to get Hoskey back on his feet.

Workin' Farmer's Barn Burnt to the Ground

Many forum members responded to one member's plight by saying they'd raffle the saw if they won it, and donate the proceeds to @Hoskvarna to help cover his total loss. You see, a couple of nights ago, the barn caught fire on the Hoskey property. It was a total loss, and there were several chainsaws inside, and even his Ford Ranger got damaged. To make matters worse, his insurance won't be covering much of it all.

Chainsaw Get Togethers

This is the location for several past get-togethers where chainsaw mayhem occurred. One was being scheduled when this very tragedy took place. Now the next Iowa Chainsaw GTG location is unknown. Postponed TFN.

Total Loss

Lost in the Hoskey fire was basically his livelihood. Well, luckily he has a second income. The man works the farm, and has a welding job in town. As you can imagine, all of the tools and equipment he needs to run his farm were inside the barn. Now they're all a pile of solidified molten metal and plastic. Shame.

Please help.


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