Who we are

Outdoor Power Equipment Enthusiasts.

Borne out of a love for the sound of small engines, in 2015 the revving in our noggins urged us to follow this path. It's a path that you share — you, the outdoor worker, showing your love of not being chained to a desk by wearing your pride. What path is it? It's the path to freedom: Freedom to work where you want (the great outdoors); freedom to wear what you want; freedom to express your pride in what you do — NO, in who you are.

Head down the path with us. Get one of our shirts, or send us what you want printed onto one of our shirts.

We might be a li'l crazy too. Send in the clowns.

what We Do

What started as a company to print one off shirts, or small print runs, for outdoor power equipment workers and small businesses, now includes mugs. We may get into other stuff too. We still print our designs, one at a time if need be, to ship to you. We still will print your design ideas too. We do however reserve the right to mass produce the design that you submit, or that we design for you, for our own profit (except copyright items and logos).

We may not be perfect, but we try hard to be. Let us know how we're doing.

our advantages

1. Designer Quality
Your garments will fit great, last long, and look fabulous. They are the highest quality cotton, sourced from the best manufacturers. Garments are printed one item at a time, using state of the art, very expensive DTG printers. We go to great lengths chainsaw t-shirts are carefully packed in these poly bagsfor your satisfaction. That includes folding and carefully enclosing your DTG and sublimation t-shirts and tanks in poly bags.

2. Customization
Got idears? Let us know what you'd like printed on a t-shirt or mug. If you have a design ready, or if we can make one work, we'll do it for ya. Yes, we'll print a special shirt, for one special person.

3. Humor
Always smilin', we love to come up with humorous stuff to print. What goes along with that, is being easy going. You'll have to try awful hard to piss us off. (That's not a challenge. Let's just get along!)